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Manchester in-house academy

After being sworn in by the Chief of Police, a recruit officer will complete a 5-week in-house preparatory academy. They will be trained on department SOPs, officer wellness, introduction to firearms, pistol and rifle qualifications, less lethal choices such as OC, Taser, and defensive tactics, among other things throughout this phase. These lessons will take place in the classroom, on the fire range, and elsewhere. Because the NH Police Academy is run in a paramilitary manner, each recruit must participate in physical training, learn drill and ceremony, and demonstrate confidence, discipline, and attitude for everyday life.



nh police academy

The 16-week Police Academy will be attended by a recruit officer at the Concord, New Hampshire-based NH Police Standards and Training facility, where they will receive top-notch education using the most recent approaches to law enforcement training. The use of force, a review of laws and policies, scenario-based training, defensive driving, firearms, and other topics will all be covered in depth in the substantial hands-on training and education that police recruits will be receiving. They will graduate and receive their certification as NH police officers once they have fulfilled all the requirements.




scenario based training

The Manchester Police Department offers both new officers and current officers scenario training. This training includes scenarios involving active threat, de-escalation, use of force, high-risk traffic stops, building searches, ICAT, and tactical medicine. Prior to the field training phase, new officers will continue to study and gain confidence by continuing this instruction throughout the academy.



exercise and wellness

The Manchester Police Department offers a fantastic employee wellness program to support officers’ and their families’ health and wellbeing. The MPAL facilities, as well as our on-site gym and cardio area, are also accessible to officers around-the-clock.




virtual reality

The Manchester Police Department has its very own cutting-edge virtual reality system that provides our officers with limitless training possibilities at anytime and anywhere. With dynamic experiences that improve performance, critical thinking, and de-escalation abilities, this innovative immersive training aids in the development of higher-performing police officers.




Take care of your family by joining the Manchester Police family.

Join a strong team of talented professionals dedicated to their work in a law enforcement department that's just the right size to get ahead and build your career.


Frequently asked Questions

Must be at least 21 years old, must be a U.S. citizen, must have a valid driver’s license, high school diploma/or GED, and eyesight must be 20/30 corrected with normal color/depth perception.

Illegally used, manufactured, transported for sale, or sold a controlled substance within 36 months; unless the applicant was under the age of 21; in which case it is 24 months; Used a controlled substance while employed in a law enforcement capacity; Been dishonorably discharged from military service; Been convicted of a felony; Been convicted of a misdemeanor involving dishonesty, unlawful sexual conduct, physical violence, controlled substances, moral turpitude, or any offense that would cause a reasonable person to doubt the applicant’s character, honesty or ability.

The hiring process is in 3 phases.

Phase I: Online Written Exam, Physical Agility Test, and Oral Board.

Phase II: One to one interview, Polygraph Exam, Background Check, Psychological Exam, Medical Exam

Phase III: Personal meeting with the Chief

This is a multiple choice, general aptitude exam that is broken down into four sections: Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Report Writing. The written exam has an option to take a practice exam.

Prepare for the type and style of question asked during the exam – including dynamic questions; Do your research and write sample answers to each question; Know how to monitor your body language and professional demeanor; Be aware of the need to stay calm under intense pressure / questioning; Never overreact, argue with the panel, or advocate disproportionate use of force in a question; Learn more about the police department you wish to join, as well as recent crime data / statistics; Be yourself.

The whole process ranges from applicant to applicant. Minimally, the process takes two months, and the test scores are active for one year.


The Manchester Police Department is looking for exceptional candidates to fill our ranks at the future police academy. The Manchester Police Department, which has a long history of providing the local community with top-notch services, consists of 271 highly skilled and trained officers. The Manchester Police Department is also one of the most technologically advanced police departments in the region due to the usage of a sophisticated gunshot detection system, an online reporting program, and other sophisticated tech. Our members also have the opportunity to work closely with our federal partners such as the DEA, FBI, ATF, and the US Marshall’s. Apply today to see the impact you can make!
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